Travel Tuesday – Take the Art Wolfe Travel Survey!

For those of you who missed the first round of the travel survey, there is still time to weigh in with your opinion on upcoming workshops! Click the link below to make your voice heard – and if a destination you’d like to visit isn’t on the list, there’s a space to include your own feedback.

Art Wolfe Travel Survey – May 2018

And to those of you who have already put in your two cents, a heart-felt thank you from me and my staff. Great location choices, and they amazingly lined up with some of the destinations I had already planned to get to for special projects. Hence, we may be adding time to those trips or opening them up for those who want to join me on an upcoming photo adventure.

Stay tuned to our events page as we’ll list these special trips in the very near future, or if you’d like to sign up for something already on the list – we are getting to the point where many of the remaining 2018 workshops will begin selling out!

One Response to “Travel Tuesday – Take the Art Wolfe Travel Survey!”

  1. E.M. Suanno says:

    I live in Central New Jersey, and am partially-disabled, cannot travel too far.
    I’d like Workshops within 100 miles or so. e.g. – in NJ – Cape May, the Pine Barrens, Island Beach State Park, Stokes State Forest; in NY – NY Harbor locales, Palisades cliffs, Harriman State Park, Long Island locales, Long Island Sound + Block Island; in eastern PA – Delaware River locales; and down by DE + MD – Chesapeake Bay area locales.

    Thank you.

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