Workshop Wednesday – “Photography As Art” in Tampa, Montreal & New York!

Photography As Art is just around the corner on the East Coast and Canada! On Sunday, May 20th I’ll be in Tampa, Florida and then the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd I’ll be in Montreal and New York respectively – sign up today to ensure your spot!

This seminar is designed to completely change the way you view photography, and my intent is to inspire you to bring unique artistic visions to life using your camera as both brush and canvas. With an emphasis on the abstract, imaginary landscapes, and capturing metaphors the lessons learned here can be applied anywhere and with whatever equipment you have available – no globe-trotting or a plethora of fancy gear required.

If you’ve attended the seminar before, this would be a great refresher as I’ve spent much of the down time I had at home this past winter revising, adding, and updating. Though I am continually working to improve the messaging and adding new photos from current shoots, this break was the first time I’ve been able to really sit down and completely fine tune what has become a popular and requested seminar – if I haven’t been to your city yet, leave a comment below!

Photography As Art Will also be coming to the Keystone State in June, with seminars in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on the 9th and 10th respectively – stay tuned for more details!

Art Wolfe Presents: Photography As Art

Tampa, FL – Sunday May 20th

Montreal, Quebec – Saturday June 2nd

New York City – Sunday June 3rd

Philadelphia, PA – Saturday June 9th

Pittsburgh, PA – Sunday June 10th


2 Responses to “Workshop Wednesday – “Photography As Art” in Tampa, Montreal & New York!”

  1. Tom Buergi says:

    Hi Art and Team
    if you can please make another SoCal presentation (in Orange County would be great).
    I know you were in Long Beach early on but Im sure you have lots of new material to share and would be great to see you down here in SoCal again for the Preso (and any workshops!)

  2. Tim Hayes says:

    Art –

    It would be wonderful if you would schedule your “Photography As Art” workshop somewhere in the Boston area (including New Hampshire and Maine). You are the only premier photographer talking about this concept … it seems most tend to be documentarians, perhaps with a little Lightroom and/or Photoshop thrown in to normalize the image. Love your philosophy and concept!

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