New Photos from Zimbabwe!

Over the years trees have saved me a couple times from angry animals, and an acacia came to the rescue this time. On this, the second leg of our southern Africa trip, in Mana Pools National Park, an elephant cow got annoyed with me and we all had to take refuge. Satisfied that she proved her dominance, she wandered off after giving us the hairy eyeball for a few tense moments. No one ever says traveling with me is boring!

Aside from photographing these elephants in such an incredible environment, the wild dogs in the area were prevalent and playful. Considering a number of book projects coming up that relate to trees and night time photography, I worked with the iconic baobab trees to capture several worthy images.

To see more images from this trip and others, check out the stock site! As always virtually any image you can find here is available as a print. Just contact us with anything you find that you like.

2 Responses to “New Photos from Zimbabwe!”

  1. Claudia Arrua says:

    All of your new Zimbabwe pictures are amazing. My favorite is the one with three Hyenas and the monkey head. Your African workshop is now on my bucket list (lol) .

  2. Gregory says:

    Nice photos! I made a trip to Zimbabwe a few years back with film cameras. Missed a few of what could have been great shots, because as you remember the times, out of film. Wish I could go again with digital equipment. Made lots of friends there in the three weeks of adventure. Still keep in touch with some. I am curious which regions of Zimbabwe did you visit?

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