Technique Tuesday – Using Extreme Light!

Harsh, direct lighting is not always the best option for shooting. However if you pick your battles, you can turn it into an advantage in creating unique imagery. Shot on location in Bolivia Art points his camera directly at the sun and uses a cactus to shield his lens, capturing effective rim lighting.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

3 Responses to “Technique Tuesday – Using Extreme Light!”

  1. KUMAR Rege says:

    That looks very nice. Any tips on exposing these type of photos or do you correct in post processing?

  2. Adam D. Olsen says:

    I just had this same lighting idea with very old tomb stone sculptures backlit by the sun. Thank you for sharing.
    – Adam D. Olsen

  3. I do this a lot especialy freezing rain on trees or fresh snow vistas with wild turkeys playing follow the leader (left tracks on snow) mike a stringer

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