New Content Roundup!

We are always looking to bring you new content as much as possible for an on-the-go traveler and his small office staff. While it’s important to get the word out about upcoming workshops and seminars, we also know that entertaining and educational content is always welcome. To that end, we’ve added a new multimedia page with links to videos, podcasts and interviews I’ve been a part of, as well as a press kit with PDF documents for easy download for anyone looking for information on my background.

A new and exciting addition to our content offerings is the Where’s Art? segment. These roughly five minute audio/video segments are hosted by photographer Mitch Stringer, and I answer questions on location giving insight into the places I visit both on workshops and personal shoots. We’ve gotten some great feedback about this segment, so we look forward to keeping it going wherever I may be. Where’s Art? segments could be coming to you from a boat in a remote location of the coast of Greenland, or from my own back yard here on the Olympic peninsula. Either way, you’ll hear the how, why, and what I am looking for – along with images from that location.

Great news for those of you living in Hawaii, or vacationing there this November! We’ve added a date when I will be delivering my Photography As Art seminar in Honolulu. This makes for five more opportunities to catch Photography As Art in 2017:

June 18th – San Francisco
June 25th – Washington DC
November 19th – Honolulu
December 2nd – Dallas
December 3rd – Austin

Some of you have asked about the differences in this seminar and the course I recently taught that is available on CreativeLive. Of course, I recommend you enjoy both! While the online course does a great job of touching on many of the topics in Photography As Art, the full day seminar is an in-depth examination of these concepts along with a discussion and personal experience that simply watching a video cannot give you. This testimonial for Jack in Portland, Oregon does a great job of explaining what you can expect by attending the seminar.

Last but not least, the free outdoor exhibit of my Vanishing Act works, Meisterhaft Getarnt, runs through June 30th in Hamburg, Germany. I also delivered a presentation titled “All In a Life’s Work – The Creative Process of Art Wolfe” at the recent B&H Optic2017 event. You can watch it online.

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for photos from my recent trip to Point Reyes National Seashore here in California, where I’ve spent a few days photographing before I deliver Photography As Art in San Francsico this Sunday!


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