CreativeLive Event: Make Artistic Statements, Enhance Your Creative Vision, and Preview Photography As Art

You may have heard that Friday I will be giving a class over at CreativeLive starting at 9am PST. You can sign up to watch the live class for free, or you can pre-order on-demand access for $59, a savings of $20.

I will be concentrating on several key areas:

1. Navigating an Ever Changing World

How images were collected in the past has changed and the world has become closer in terms of access thanks to the advances in travel and technology. As a result, change seems to accelerate and keeping in step becomes a necessary skill. I will share how I research, plan, and execute as well as review and edit for projects. With over 100 book titles, television shows, exhibits, presentations – how does one manage it all and how do projects transition from an idea to achievement?  In this segment, I will review my processes for efficiency, economy and how I chart the course to a successful outcome.

2. Ways Technology has Improved my Work

The truth is that technology has been giving artists new ways to share their work for a very long time. Tools and art have evolved together, becoming intertwined.  Cameras, software, lenses, even drones – they are all tools for the photographer, the artist, the storyteller. I will share how I have incorporated technology to enhance and redefine my work.

3. Preview to Photography as Art

“Photography as Art” is a groundbreaking seminar created for individuals who want to spark their imagination and discover how to make artistic statements through photography. I will share an excerpt from this seminar created for the creative professional to see and make art in exciting new ways. With art history as a reference point, I explore avenues to maintain inspiration, foster personal style, and discover ways to distinguish your own photography from others.

4. Live Critique

At the end of the program, I will critique viewer-submitted photographs.  These photo critiques provide viewers a great opportunity to look through the eyes of a professional photographer and learn by constructive feedback on what makes an image stronger.

2 Responses to “CreativeLive Event: Make Artistic Statements, Enhance Your Creative Vision, and Preview Photography As Art”

  1. Valerie Rampone says:

    Hello! Art . . . I watched your presentation on Creative Live last Friday and hooked one of my photographer neighbours who happened to stop by to watch the morning portion with me. She’d never heard of CreativeLive nor you LOL. . . . anyways . . thanks for another excellent seminar. We live in a Magic Age when such seminars are possible. Do take care of yourself and mitigate the exhaustion factor. For a gentler pace just cross the border into Canada and visit the Grasslands in the Kamloops area/ same time zone/ same language/ cougars/ waterfalls/ a Cowboy Festival/ suede hills/ salmon runs etc.
    Cheers! . . Valerie

  2. That’s a creative art work and photo caption. The techniques used in capturing is such a good one. Not only does a photographer needs to understand his camera but also know the tricks of art. Good work.

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