New Photos From Lofoten, Norway

It has been a very challenging last leg of a four week tour of Northern Europe. In Norway, we’ve experienced many micro climates . When we leave our cozy little cabins we are likely to experience blinding snow with gale force winds; and then upon passing through a tunnel we find sun and calm. We have passed many a stranded tourist whom are unprepared for the treacherous driving conditions waiting for assistance to show up. Finally, near the very end of this month long tour of Germany, Finland, Iceland and Norway, the Aurora we’ve been seeking shows up!

7 Responses to “New Photos From Lofoten, Norway”

  1. Great shots Art, Well Done! Been a big fan of your work for 20 years. You always inspire me!

  2. Aude ROBEQUIN says:

    Elles sont superbes !

  3. khaer says:

    amazing! i’m your new fans really inspiring

  4. khaer says:

    Fantabulous! now, i’m wondering i’m in nordic haha

  5. khaer says:

    Fantabulous! now, i’m wondering i’m in nordic haha
    I’m from Indonesia
    you should come here! we have a lot of amazing views here

  6. Art, in my country we say: “Cuando sea mayor quiero ser como tú”, that means, I’d like to be (a photographer) like you when I grow up!
    They are simply astonishing.

  7. Steve Miller says:

    Having taken a workshop with you years ago, you continue to instruct and inspire by example with these wonderful images. Thank you Art!

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