Tales By Light coming to Netflix 11/11

Huli wigman, Papua New Guinea


I was honored to be a part of the first season of Tales By Light, and it’s coming to netflix tomorrow, November 11th! Produced by Canon Australia, this series follows myself and four other renowned photographers as we explore some of the lesser known locations across the world. The series was shot in 4K and originally aired on the National Geographic Channel in Australia, and now comes to Netflix for all to enjoy.

For my part, I am excited that many more of you will get to see episodes that include two facets of my work that I’m very passionate about. In “Tribes”, you’ll catch glimpses of my work with the Surma people of Ethiopia, whom helped me to create works for the Human Canvas Project; and in “Wild”, among other locations, I visit Alaska to photograph the mountainous landscape and brown bears of a region in which I lead workshops every year.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed participating in it!

5 Responses to “Tales By Light coming to Netflix 11/11”

  1. James Struebing says:

    Glad to see the production is finally coming to Netflx

    • Melissa lisowski says:

      The picture of the three Surma men over looking the distance on the ledge is an incredible picture. It brought me to tears instantly. It tells a story, a story of strength, a bond, security, protection over the land, accomplishments, mystery of the unknown and a pact. I love your work. The docuseries is incredible.

  2. HI Art,
    Congrats to you. You are such an amazing photographer with a very creative thought process. I am hoping that you will be attending the G2 Gallery reception for the January exhibit. I am so excited to have at least one of my images exhibited along side yours. The one of mine in the current show is one that I shot when I was with you on Mt. Rainier last year. Have you been to Washougal lately? I was there last year for my 50th high school reunion.
    I will be going to Antarctica with Frans Lanting, and yes, I am now using my Really Right Stuff ball head.
    All the best,
    Nicki Geigert

  3. big fan says:

    did netflix give you the wrong date or something? a title search isn’t finding it on there.

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