Technique: Effective Symmetrical Compositions

Reflections often offer perfectly symmetrical compositions. Shot on Location in the Pantanal, Brazil.

Want more composition tips? I am offering several more composition tips through my Photography as Art seminars this year throughout the U.S.

2 Responses to “Technique: Effective Symmetrical Compositions”

  1. Karen Minihan says:

    I recognize the calm and wonderful reflection. Can’t wait for a similar opportunity……..

    When I take a photo at sunset, often a second colorful ‘orb’ appears, usually below the actual sun and often when water is involved. Is this a function of the lens or perhaps bending light in the Earth’s atmosphere?

  2. William J. Tafuri says:

    Those were very good shots. I often get a chance to take reflection photos and I will take your advice to heart in the future and also “clean-up” several of my older shots that are a bit off balance.



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