Why I Do What I Do

I have collaborated with filmmaker Abraham Joffe, producer of Tales by Light, on an inspirational new short video about what drives my passion for photography.

You can also see the video on my About page.

14 Responses to “Why I Do What I Do”

  1. Denis says:

    Is there no end to your talents?
    Excellent. Delightful.
    Travel safely.

  2. Well done as always Art!

  3. Robert says:

    Art, you inspire me and for that I’m truly thankful.

  4. Gary Jones says:

    I really enjoy the diversity of your work and the creativity you give us in that diversity. Keep the ideas coming! 🙂

  5. Tom Sisco says:

    Thank you so much, Art, I can only wish to do what you do, you are amazing!

  6. Bilal Qazi says:

    Dear Art,
    You have always been an inspiration for many people around the globe. It’s always a delight to listen to you and absorb the positive energy we get from travelling. Your photographs give us vision for better work where we live.

  7. Rithwik V J says:

    Dear Art Wolfe, You have always been an inspiration for me since my childhood. I have learnt a lot from your Travel to the Edges series. Your life is your story. Regards,

  8. Shari Vogel says:

    I loved the documentary exemplifying your passion for photography. The images and your explanation helped me appreciate the place that new technology has for capturing the far reaches of nature and in displaying life where many will never venture! Thanks!

  9. Ajith says:

    You keen on inspiring me as always ! Well done Mr. Wolfe 🙂

  10. John nelson says:

    Art, a truly inspiring video! I have viewed it with friends and all then can say is Wow. Your adventures open new doors to my photography thank you art!!

  11. I have enjoyed your photography thru the years. I have a few of your books. Met u a couple times. You inspire me to shoot better photos and look for the small details in the world. Some people don’t understand my passion to shoot the shot around the corner that I can barely see but I know its there and I need it as I won’t be there again to see it like it is now. Carry on with bringing the world your beautiful pictures and sharing videos. Take care and God bless you in your journeys!!

  12. mohamed says:

    Your travel to the edge videos have inspired me like no other video, it let me leave my city to discover the world.
    Thank you Art

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