Astoria Workshop Participant Photos

Earlier this summer I accompanied a wonderful group of photographers on my yearly Astoria, Oregon workshop. I am pleased to share their work!

Barbara McIntyre:

Art’s Abstract Photography workshop in Astoria was fantastic!  What could be better than practicing my dream art in a beautiful environment with loads of inspiration, support, humor and companionship.

Claire Gardiner:

This workshop promised to change the way I see….and it lived up to its promise! It heightened my awareness of shapes, colors and textures. Now I can’t walk down the street without looking for metaphors! Making art out of a shipwreck or an abandoned WWII bunker was a right brain stretch for me, but I loved EVERY minute of it! Thank you Art Wolfe for heightening my awareness and opening my eyes!

Lisa Goldman

Lynne Gregg

Lynne Kester-Meyer:

I really enjoyed the workshop. Beforehand I was concerned that a workshop with someone of Art’s stature would be beyond my skills. My mistake!  He found out the experience and competence of each of the participants and worked with that. He was available to all of us all the time and I really appreciated that. I was very inspired by Art and his approach and I suspect that my photography is changed forever. I’m certainly seeing shots where I never saw them before!

Matt Kiener:

Somewhere along my three year journey with photography I lost the excitement I got from going out and taking pictures; photography became more about technical details and getting the shot than being in the moment and experiencing the beauty that surrounds me. After just one weekend with Art, I have regained my excitement and passion for photography. Take care, and I hope to see you all on another workshop in the future.

Sara Rohr

mountain ridge