Pretty in Pink: Springtime in Japan

This group of photos represents a lot of 4:40am wake-ups in Japan in order to get the best atmospheric conditions as well as to avoid the tourists. Lots of foul weather as of late, which played nicely into our shoots. I especially like the Lotus stems!

3 Responses to “Pretty in Pink: Springtime in Japan”

  1. Audrey Carroll says:

    These are magnificent!! Having been in Tanzania and Kyoto, particularly, in Japan, I truly appreciated these. And the lotus stems really look like modern art! Amazing.

    I am a fan.

    Audrey Carroll

  2. Tami Howard says:

    Just simply amazing, Art!

  3. henry kuharic says:

    Wow gorgeous!! Great light conditions and reflections! I will be in Japan in October- Oh that my photos can be as good!

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