DPReview Interview

As part of DPReview’s Live event earlier this month, I sat down with Barnaby so he could ask me some questions about my work, vision and philosophy. They’ve posted the video, taped at CreativeLive, for those who didn’t catch it live.

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  1. Gary says:

    I have The Art of Nature Photography Art recently did at Creative Live and enjoyed this equally. Art is one of those rare individuals who combines artistry with photography as his medium. There have been and are a lot of excellent photographers, but I believe Art combines the artistry, photography and creative/business acumen that is important in a way that makes making a living in photography a viable lifestyle. Having photographed with the late Galen Rowell and watched as he and Barbara (his wife) created a successful business out of photography and how Art takes his photography business to even greater heights and diversity can serve as examples that successful photography ventures are possible. Provided that – you have a vision for your photography and the work-ethic to get it before larger and larger audiences. What Art says about it being a lifestyle is absolutely true.
    If you are someone who enjoys mindful images – Art’s work is excellent. If you are a photographer who makes good images, but wonder where to go next. Look at how Art creates art with his photography and reaches different audiences – there are few examples as excellent as his to follow.

  2. Dave Anderson says:

    I love that Art is so willing and able to teach and inspire. I follow Art on Facebook and pull out my copy of Art of the Photograph to inspire me to try harder and find something unique that I can capture and be proud of and want to share. Art said in one of his interviews, “you gotta be out there,” to capture those moments and images. Thanks Art!

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