On Location: Vive la France!

BLOG: Vive la France! – Images by Art Wolfe

The weather in the French Alps was so bad that we decided to head south to France’s Rhone Delta. There we photographed the spirited Camargue horses, and along the French Riviera. Now heading off to Italy’s Dolomites, where I am hoping for good conditions!

6 Responses to “On Location: Vive la France!”

  1. Ian Anderson says:

    The horse photos are incredible – your work truly amazes me.

  2. OK, Art. What’s your secret with the horses? Did you have a bag of carrots on you? How did you get them to gallop straight at you? Why are you not dead now? Awesome images.

  3. Hi Art…a captivating photo tour of France! Thanks for sharing that with all of us. The photos of the Camargue horses are stunning; so much energy, and captured so beautifully. My favorite of all is the tight shot of the hoof stomp…I can feel the water spraying, and almost smell the scent of wet horses. Such a powerful and insightful photo. Hope that Italy shows you some more treasures like that…safe travels!

  4. nicole says:

    Stunning and very inspiring images as always! Now I am adding this location to my must see list 🙂

  5. The images of the French Alps definitely stand out. Keep on shooting.

  6. Norbert says:

    Phantastic work – as always. Which lens did you use for the horses running out of the water?

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