2011 Year in Review

What an incredible year it was! I got to meet so many very nice people all over the world. I also turned 60 and became an orphan this year.

Thank you all for participating with me in workshops, tours, classes and in the studio. We all learned so much from each other.
Thanks also to my incredible staff and fellow associate instructors for supporting me and helping me be prepared for the multitude of places and events I touched.

Before we launch into the next year with a full head of steam, enjoy a brief backward glance of some of the places I traveled to this year teaching workshops and classes. I find this is a great way to catch my breath before diving in again. Forgive me if I didn’t mention your spot, even though I was really there.

Olympic Peninsula
Canadian Rockies
Eastern Oregon
San Francisco
Canadian Rockies
Palouse, WA
South Africa
New York City


Onward into 2012 we go!

8 Responses to “2011 Year in Review”

  1. Norbert says:

    Dear Art,
    I wish you and your team also a Happy New Year 2012. Thanks for sharing your experience, your positive spirit and of course your fantastic work with us on this blog. Since I have been participating in your workshop in Germany Lake Constance in 2010 I find myself very often with that one question: “How would Art treat that subject, how would Art treat that picture?” I hope one day you will be giving another workshop here in Germany (or Europe).
    With kind regards

  2. Clytie says:

    Happy New Year – I’ve enjoyed following your blog this past year. I look forward to 2012 – and the beauty it brings to my life!

  3. Maureen Elliott says:

    Fabulous memories of a very full year. May 2012 be filled with peace, excitement, joy, fun, adventure, creativity and many more memories to cherish. Happy New Year, Art.

  4. Ilkka says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the last year and keep going!!

  5. Hal Mola says:

    Thank you for another amazing world of images. Good luck on getting your gallery moved to Pioneer Square. We are looking forward to it.
    Question: I seldom see a lens hood in use, is it because you do not wish to draw undo attention to yourself?

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