Introducing Art Wolfe’s Wilderness Scent

Drawing upon his native home of Seattle, Washington, Art Wolfe has personally harvested the fir, salal berries, and cedar bark that are the essence of this audacious fragrance.  This is a must for any Northwestern male, or any man who wants to smell of the Northwest.  Be bold, be woodsy, be wild.

Special Introductory Offer!

Wilderness Scent Eau de Toilette Spray $69.95.

You’re diamonds, babe!

New! Art Wolfe’s Wilderness Scent

5 Responses to “Introducing Art Wolfe’s Wilderness Scent”

  1. Ha! The sweet and intoxicating scent one can only smell that one special day of the year! Good one!

  2. Cindie martin says:

    Only one response, I’m so surprised. I thought for sure you would be sold out by now! Nice one!

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      Cindie- Actually, you are right. We completely sold out within a couple of hours. This Wilderness Scent is hotter than the iPad2. Better luck next year!

  3. Karen Stadler says:

    Hey I’m not a guy but want some of this…do I really have to wait til next year? Art just found you recently on public TV and I am hooked…Thank you!!

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      Sorry, Karen, but it takes a year to gather all the ingredients and then get into production. Hope to see you next year. Welcome aboard!

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