The Creative Session Begins

My only Creative Session for 2009 begins today. The entire group of 50 participants will convene at my house for a reception with food from my favorite restaurant in Seattle, Wild Ginger, the city’s first Pan Asian eatery.

Starting tomorrow, we will devote three days to learning how to see like an artist. This is a new program from start to finish with an emphasis on the compositional techniques of artists from the Impressionists through the Abstract Expressionists. I will cover line, balance, negative space, color interactions, and moving the eye, among other topics. Darrel Gulin, the past president of NANPA, photo tour instructor, and stock photographer will add his insights regarding composition for close up images. John Greengo will demonstrate discuss gear and travel issues we face while shooting Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge. Scott Stulberg will show how layer masks and plugins in Photoshop can enhance or transform images from the mundane to the wondrous. I think all three add value, plus I will need a couple hours a day of downtime to recharge.

I’m excited about this new seminar and look forward to presenting it, and abridged versions, next year and beyond.

4 Responses to “The Creative Session Begins”

  1. Dave Riller says:

    I’m a huge fan of your approach to photography — especially the influence of art on your work.

    I would love to attend this particular session the next time you present it.


  2. Ryan Ribary says:

    Art, I am eagerly awaiting day 3, the first 2 days have been all expected and more. I very much believe that what we are learning will pay dividends throughout my life. The class is a fantastic investment into my creative life. Thank you.

  3. Jay Haldors says:


    The class was far more than I expected!! Your openness, honesty and willingness to share is truly inspirational.

    I know my personal take away will not only impact every perspective of my photography, but my approach to visual life in general.

    I know I am looking at things different everyday now. I hope that part continues to grow….or I will be calling on you again very soon!!

    Best Regards,

    Jay Haldors

    • Avatar photo admin says:

      Thank you, Jay and Joseph. I wanted to try something completely different and am glad it resonated with you so deeply.

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