Creative Session Ends; Field Seminar Begins

I was pleased with the results of the Creative Session last weekend. It seemed that everyone grasped the idea of applying a painter’s vision to photography and that shooting every subject to expand your view of composition was the key to rapid improvement. Darell Gulin laid out all the issues involved in macro photography, and Scott Stulberg delivered a rapid fire survey of Photoshop plug ins and the critical role of layer masks for enhancing photographs. John Greengo discussed the equipment issues faced on the road.

Tomorrow I leave for a Travels to the Edge Field Seminar in Monterey and Big Sur where I will teach the same precepts where we can put the lessons into practice along the shore and in the forests.

One Response to “Creative Session Ends; Field Seminar Begins”

  1. Joseph Schufman says:

    Art’s assesment is modest. From my perspective he exceeded all expectations and the Creative Session was the best workshop I have ever attended. Many fellow participants shared with me they felt the same. I realize as a result of that seminar I have come a long way as a photographer, but I have an even much longer way to go to even come close to the standards that Art has set and the techniques he showcased in his workshop. Photography is art and Art and his lectures have changed how I will view the landscape and how I take photographs. They will no longer be “vacation photos” but will be an attempt to refine the first image I take by a series of subsequent images that explore the setting and address my curiosity as to why the first image mattered. Hopefully I will make more impactful photos as a result.
    I highly recommend this workshop.


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