Creating the Night Fisherman

Great photography doesn’t just happen by luck…and sometimes involves more work than the final product would indicate. In this video I talk about one of my favorite photographs, the Night Fisherman, and how it came together.

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  1. Dug Threewitt says:

    Thanks for that. I love seeing what went into making a great image. How far do you go to get what you want?

    I understand sometimes you “choreograph” monks or other native people, but what about wildlife? There is a debate in a forum I frequent regarding the ethics of baiting birds. I’d love to hear your thoughts in a future post.

    I tend to lean towards “leave the land the way you found it,” which would not allow for baiting, but I realize the world isn’t black and white and there is plenty of room in the middle.

  2. OlafBathke says:

    Großartige Darstellung der Entstehung eines tollen Fotos von Art Wolfe:

  3. Dave Taylor says:

    Great post Art-
    Behind the scenes looks are always popular, I love seeing how other photogs work – especially with someone with your experiences & knowledge. I hope you’ll do a bunch more of these. Great to see your mind at work!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful insight into your process and decisions you made in the field. Making creative decisions in the field is so important and you’ve really described it well – not to mention less time working on the computer. Appreciate it!

  5. Lance A. Lewin says:

    First, we appreciate your time in making these types of videos.
    I’m still shooting film with a Minolta XD11 system, but will soon move over to digital.
    This video and similar notes you present on your TV series shows what I have learned shooting film is applied to digital photography, (at least when using a high-end digital camera).
    I look forward to viewing more of these videos and will most likely attend one or more of your classes to learn digital photography techniques in the future.
    Best regards,
    Atlanta, GA

  6. TXPhoto says:

    Thank you for this video, Art. Detailed information about your process are what I enjoy most about your blog. It is very helpful to see the images that you took before getting “The One.” Your descriptions of how you went from one to the other, including technical information such as lens, f stop and shutter, help me learn more about my own photography. I am inspired to try new things and refine my current process.

    Similarly, my favorite instances in “Travels to the Edge” are those where you share this kind of information. For example, I have a square split neutral density filter on my wish list! I also tried using a flashlight to “paint” some objects in a night scene. (And I now think there is more to that image in the show than just the flashlight!)

    As Seattle is much too far for me to travel for a class, I appreciate the bits of your expertise you share here. Thank you.

  7. Fantastic how the shot was taken video! Capturing the Night Fisherman by Art Wolfe

  8. Art this was a fantastic video. I look forward to more like it. It was great to see the alternate photos and hear about the thinking behind the capture.

  9. […] Creating the Night Fisherman – Art Wolfe Blog Art Wolfe has added a great video to his blog detailing the process that went into capturing his iconic photo “The Night Fisherman”. I’ve talked to him about this and other photos in a past podcast of mine for EXIF and Beyond “Art Wolfe Interview Part II” (at roughly the 1/2 way point). In Art’s video he goes into greater detail with alternate photos detailing his progression to the final photograph. […]

  10. Jeremy says:

    I agree with everyone above–great post, and I look forward to more. As much as I love Travels to the Edge (which is a lot), I’m always even happier when information like this makes it into an episode. Hope to see more like this!

  11. Peter West says:

    Art Wolfe talks about his photos here:

  12. Fantastic video by Art Wolfe describing the experience of capturing an iconic photo of his:

  13. John Pereira says:

    Thanks Art for sharing the process on how you came to capturing that great image. I hope you create more videos like this one.

  14. Thanks Art, wonderful job as always. Love this type of information in the show, and how you can expand on it here on the blog. Keep up the great work. If you’re ever shooting in Newfoundland let me know.

  15. Art, I love this shot. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your process with us. Bless you. Your work is amazing.

  16. Always fascinating to hear the story behind the picture. Art Wolfe explains “Creating the Night Fisherman”.

  17. Joe Spoto says:

    Art, thanks for sharing the process. It helps me to remember that someone at your level does not always get it in one shot. By the way, Travels to the Edge is my favorite show.

  18. A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog. You’ve obviously spent some time on this. Well done!

  19. Prolawn says:

    Thank you so much, Great information… You keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  20. […] Link: Creating the Night Fisherman | […]

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