NANPA Excursion

I’m flying to Albuquerque, New Mexico today to attend the NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) Summit and Trade Show, which runs February 18-22. I will open the show and deliver a keynote address focusing on the influence of the Himalaya on my life and photography. But first, I am heading out to shoot wildlife and landscapes for a couple days.

4 Responses to “NANPA Excursion”

  1. Dean Forbes says:

    Where are you shooting wildlife and landscapes? Have fun at NANPA.

  2. Len Villano says:

    Hi Art:
    Sorry I missed you. Had planned to attend NANPA this year but I was recently laid off from a photojournalist job and had to cancel the trip. Times are tough right now. Luckily we have you to keep us inspired. Maybe tough times is something you can address in future post. Must have been/is tough on you as well. But you continue to come up with and produce great ideas/work. What goes on in that genius mind of yours?
    Take care
    Have fun
    Len Villano

  3. Kelly says:


    What a great way to spend 4 days 🙂 Have great fun.

    Kelly 🙂

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