Miss Aniela


The day before Miss Aniela was scheduled to speak at a Microsoft-sponsored event at Pravda Studios in Seattle, my staff got wind of the event and arranged for me to interview her at my home.

Miss Aniela, born Natalie Dybisz, is an Internet phenomenon. She started creating digital self-portraits just three years ago, often cloning herself, to create surreal tableaux and striking melancholy portraits. She posted them on Flickr and became an overnight sensation. I’m impressed by her imagination, her craft, and her ability to seize the moment. In her photographs she can appear glamorous, challenging, and dreamy, but in person she comes across as very well-spoken and thoughtful as well as somewhat shy.

As talented as she is, I am certain she will continue to grow as she seizes masterly control of her tools. You can watch part one of the interview below. We are posting part two on the Microsoft Pro Photo site, http://www.microsoft.com/prophoto/default.aspx.

You can see more of her work at www.missaniela.com

8 Responses to “Miss Aniela”

  1. Oh my gosh…She is ultimate in beauty the beast being the camera and she passes the test… Can we get some fresh air in the room … The interview attire is priceless…

  2. This woman is beyond classic Varges whoa if your single Go for it.. she’s a beaut..

  3. Wonderful, her work is so unique. Whats amazing is that I wouldn’t have guessed she was the subject of all the images. She does come off as being shy in the interview, she is like a actor in a movie. Very professional and talented, she has a bright future.

  4. Roger says:

    Thanks Art for sharing this amazing talent Miss Aniela, what awe inspiring techniques she employs in her work.

  5. […] first part is featured on Art Wolfe’s blog site and the second part will be posted soon on the Microsoft Pro Photo […]

  6. […] first part is featured on Art Wolfe’s blog site and the second part is now featured in the Video section of the Microsoft Pro Photo […]

  7. thanks for this wonderful post. its really nice. keep up the good work.

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