Travels to the Edge: Music in the Australia Episode

Aboriginal men perform an ancient dance near the coast of Arnhem Land on Australia's northern border. A permit is required to travel in this region of Arnhem Land, an Aboriginal center. The quality of ancient art on rock walls, as well as the modern Aboriginal art and customs, continually amazed me during my visit.

We often get asked about the music that is featured in Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge episodes. We have found a treasure trove of information!

Here is a list of composers and musicians featured in Australia: Arnhemland and the Kimberley. Many of them don’t have websites, but you can find their music on various internet music sites.

Jeff Evans
Colin Francis Bayley & Murray William Burns
David Farnon
Richard Myhill
Steve Marshall
Hermann Langschwert
Richard Cottle
Jakko M. Jakszyk
Craig Joiner
Simon Russell
Peter Bento & Stephan Harms
Stephan North & Mark Powell
Michael Price
Garry Hardman
Robert (Bob) Foster
Tony Hinnigan
Tony Maloney & Mike Taylor
Paul Anthony Smith
Tim Juckes & Andrew Peters
Dominic Holmes
Adam Routh & Patrick David Wilson
Graham de Wilde
Nick Oosterhuis
Roger Abaji
Robert Sullivan

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