Wildlife Wednesday – New Photos from Katmai, Alaska!

Lots of fish, lots of bears, lots of action—what else would you expect from a couple weeks in Katmai National Park!? The cubs are always precious but this year they were FEISTY! We enjoyed watching and photographing one group of three siblings get in a row over a fish as mamma bear looked on. The two bigger cubs went at it, while the third smaller cub sneaked in and made off with the fish. Live and learn!

2023’s Katmai Bears workshops are up and there are a few spots available. If you anticipate that  you might want to join, don’t hesitate to sign up, as they generally fill up faster than your average workshop! Who’s with me?!

3 Responses to “Wildlife Wednesday – New Photos from Katmai, Alaska!”

  1. Catherine Burnett says:

    These are the best images of the Katmai brown bears that
    I have EVER seen! Bravo!

  2. Neil Powell says:

    Great bears, Art! What are you shooting with these days for this kind of outing? I just bought the R7 and like my early results. I didn’t have it when I went to Katmai but perhaps next year is the year! Thanks!

  3. Carla says:

    Did you get photos of the quads?

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