Feathered Friday – Best Recent Bird Photos!

For those of you following me on Social Media, one thing is apparent – people LOVE photos of birds! To that end I figured I would help get your weekend started with some of my favorite bird shots from recent years. Enjoy the gallery, and don’t forget – just about any image you see on my site, the stock site, or on social media can be turned into a beautiful high-quality enduring print. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the stock site or in my online store, simply contact my staff with what you’re looking for and they can provide you with pricing for just about any image you desire!

Enjoy the weekend – and stay cool!

6 Responses to “Feathered Friday – Best Recent Bird Photos!”

  1. Elaine Ward says:

    Have enjoyed your photos for years, plus Travels to the Edge, have several of your books & went to one of your workshops a few years ago. Guess you could say I’m definitely a fan.

  2. Regina says:

    Your work is amazing! Love your show ‘Travels to the Edge’; I also have two of your books!

  3. Richard Cochrane says:

    Art your photography blows me away and thank you for your fantastic website also your staff and assistant’s definitely deserve a big thumbs up…R

  4. Karen Zapp says:

    Marvelous, Art. Absolutely marvelous. Also inspiring.

  5. Birds are so magnificent in color and wings and all. 🙏 for your group of photos, I really love ❤️ all of them!!

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