Happy New Year! 10 Tips to Keep You Motivated in 2022

It goes without saying that the past couple of years have been difficult to say the least, but we march forward! I’m blessed in that I’m very rarely at a loss for motivation and a project to work on, but I also understand how hard it can be to get back into the groove. To that end, here are 10 random tips off the top of my head to help get your 2022 rolling if the winter months and holidays had the majority of your focus:

1. Opening with one that might be a bit personal and timely to me – but get yourself patched up and moving forward! I’m taking care of a couple minor surgeries this month. If you’ve been putting any procedures off that will see you healthier and more mobile in the field, the sooner your recovery is behind you the better!

2. Pick a fine artist or photographer you admire and who’s work you appreciate, and challenge yourself to emulate their work with your camera. Having direction and context is a great motivator!

3. Keep in mind that every photo you take needn’t be a masterpiece. For every great shot I decide to share, there are plenty more left on the hard drive. The greatest artists in the world have sketchbooks full of work no one will every see, but like anything else practice makes perfect!

4. If money is not a huge barrier for you, is it time to upgrade? Over the past two years I’ve made the switch to Canon’s mirrorless system and I’m loving it!

5. If money DOES happen to be a bit of a barrier, check your local camera stores or online services for camera gear and rent some lenses for your system that you don’t already own. Changing your perspective can be huge!

6. Make new friends! Most cities have camera clubs, or use things like the MeetUp app to locate like-minded individuals.

7. Check your local guides to parks and recreation, or take a trip a short road trip to a city or town you’re not as familiar with and do some exploring. The process of scouting locations for our workshops often give me ideas I didn’t know I was looking for.

8. Libraries are still a thing!

9. Maybe what you need to be motivated this year isn’t related to photography at all. Is there a passion from your past that you’ve back-burnered for years? Maybe it’s time to work on that novel. I recently visited the Blick art supply store here in Seattle to prepare to do some fine art painting.

10. Last but not least – tune in to Art Wolfe Live, this blog, and stay up to date on my events page – I’ll do my best to keep you motivated!

Have a fantastic 2022!


8 Responses to “Happy New Year! 10 Tips to Keep You Motivated in 2022”

  1. Geri says:

    Much needed good advice.
    I thank you.

  2. Lynn Gravbelle says:

    you are the photographer I admire

  3. Linnaea says:

    I like your advice, it’s not just ho hum advice that we’ve heard a thousand times. It’s practical. I was already thinking about getting a library card for the mobile library that comes through our little town, your suggestion might just be the little push I need!

  4. Jean Tryon says:

    Art, what kind of hummer is that? Never saw any that wore socks!!

  5. Jeri says:

    Thank you Art.

  6. Lu says:

    Thank you, Art, your motivation ideas are much appreciated!
    I believe that we all need to hear positive words at this time.

  7. Sue knolle says:

    Your message is definitely the motivation I need. Thank you!

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