#WildlifeWednesday – Short-Necked Giraffes from Wakanda, Africa!

A quick stop over in Wakanda on my recent trip to Africa definitely did not come up short! It’s rare to capture these unique short-necked giraffes (Giraffa abbrevis) outside of captivity. It was an incredible experience and I’m honored to have been invited to capture these rare animals!

Their unique evolution gives them the distinct advantage of being able to target the brush and leaves that’s too far off the ground for zebras and other herbivores, but not so high up that they need to compete with their long-necked relatives. Evolution is cool!

Enjoy the photos and sign up for an Art Wolfe Workshop and discover your own unique vision! See how you can help all manner of African Wildlife survive and thrive at www.awf.org.

Kenya Photo Journey with Art Wolfe - March 2025

10 Responses to “#WildlifeWednesday – Short-Necked Giraffes from Wakanda, Africa!”

  1. Ann Newman says:

    Nice April Fools prank! Very cr8tve.

  2. Linnaea E Schmid says:

    I had never heard of Short-necked Giraffes before. Is this a mutation? Do we know how long they have been around? Very interesting!

  3. Hi Art,

    I am 88 years old and if I were younger I would take your abstract workshop. By the way, we met years ago when we both spoke at NECCC. You were the keynote speaker and I was one of the many other speakers.

    For the past 11 years I have held an annual abstract photography exhibit — —before the pandemic in my Center For The Photographic Arts. This year the exhibit will be on line. You can see all the images I juried in on our website NVACC.org. There is a lot of interest in abstract photography in this area and I invite you to hold a work here in the Maryland, Virginia, DC area. I will be delighted to assist you in promoting the workshop.

    Joseph Miller

  4. Linnaea Schmid says:

    April Fools!!! You got me!!!

  5. Kristina Trowbridge says:

    Unbelievable experience. I’m not sure where Wakanda is located, but I would love to see them. Usually the giraffe will reach above the gerenuk that can reach above the zebra, oryx and other herbivores to graze on the top vegetation.

  6. jong jony says:

    I love these amazing photos. I saw these giraffes in Wakanda when I was a Youngling it changed my life.

  7. clark dent says:

    we are doing a project on evolution and we are using this article. we will make sure to credit you

  8. Daniel says:

    Love it! There’s a buzzfeed article that mentions short neck giraffes and this was the first link after googling. Let’s start a GoFundMe and you and I can fly to Wakanda and start making more Short Necks. I’d bet in 20 years, we can have Short Necks outnumber the grotesque Long Necks. Maybe we can find a few with shorter legs to make them easier to ride too!!

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