New Photos From Kenya & The Return of Tequila Time!

I made my first international trip in some time a couple of weeks ago, and my goal was two-fold – yes, get some amazing photos! Also – get an idea of what international travel is like at the moment. I have to say the experience was smoother than expected, and I felt safe throughout my travels.

If you missed it, I shared photos and stories about the trip on the latest episode of Tequila Time – give it a watch if you weren’t able to join us live!

2 Responses to “New Photos From Kenya & The Return of Tequila Time!”

  1. Jean Tryon says:

    Outstanding photos, Art!

  2. Karen Richardson says:

    Thanks so much for tequila time, Art. We have enjoyed so much – we think of you daily when we see our picture of the wiener that you titled “I love you Art” from South Georgia. I still chuckle looking at the steamer ducks and remembering holding your legs to keep you in the zodiac while you took the photos! Can’t wait to book another trip with you in the future. Karen and Alan R

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