New Photos from Utah!

At the beginning of November I pried a few friends away from their families and obligations and had a great time exploring the canyonlands of Utah; A simple excursion for photography’s sake of the sort I haven’t had in some time! Usually I’m leaping from location to location, itinerary in hand and a clear goal in mind – to fulfill a book project, or fill a gap in my catalog with previously unexplored location, creature, or culture.

This time it was a relaxed trip with friends to feed the soul and recharge the batteries with no expectations that would elicit success or failure. It was a great trip and I’ll definitely make time for these kinds of trips in the future. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “New Photos from Utah!”

  1. Dean Swartz says:

    Happy to learn that you seem to have taken my advice when we talked during our fantastic trip in Greenland! You need to take better care of ART by enjoying adventures just like the Utah excursion!



  2. Verlene Lewis says:

    Thank you for the beautiful images of my state!

  3. Pamela says:

    Beautiful images as always!

  4. Dolores Basinger says:

    Thank you for all that you do. So inspiring. My husband and I motorhomed for 12 years of our retirement. I have taken so many photos and framed them that my retirement closet is full. I share with our Fine Arts Society and sold a couple of them years ago. Unable to travel these days. Miss it!

  5. Gretchen S says:

    So the mad dash to the airport after the Kenmore camera show was well worth it…. fun with friends and stunning shots as a bonus.

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