#TravelTuesday – New Photos From Greenland!

I recently returned from my second trip to Eastern Greenland in the last two years and once again it lived up to expectations. From ship to Zodiac, there was a lot to capture in between the wide seascapes and ancient detail in the upheaval of rock formations.

The bedrock of Greenland is some of the oldest on the planet, up to 3.8 billion years old and it shows in the tortuous folds and striations around the ice-free edges of the island. One of the most fascinating spots is called the Skaergaard intrusion, a relatively young formation of igneous rock extruded from the Earth 55 million years ago. Its layers, texture, and line make for a photographer’s dream.

The aesthetics and geological history is all well and good – but the REAL question is, can you find the bacon?!

6 Responses to “#TravelTuesday – New Photos From Greenland!”

  1. Stan Rose says:

    you sure brought home the bacon! I was sitting in my sedona gallery yesterday and remarked to a customer from Seattle that you were one of my original inspirations when I lived in Seattle 20 years ago. Now your my inspiration to make my gallery a success so I can get out of my chair and go travel to all these amazing places!

  2. THOMAS says:


  3. Jean Tryon says:

    Thank you so much, Art, for the wonderful photos of Greenland! It really brought back memories.

  4. Jean Tryon says:

    Beautiful photos, Art. I’m having problems posting my comments here. When I click POST COMMENT, it is returned to me and says “You already have said this” but I haven’t!! What’s up? I just want you to know what extraordinary your photos are, with emphasis on some that are truly exquisite.

  5. Víctor M. Lázaro says:

    Lucky you Sir! Thank you for sharing and transport me there through the pic.

  6. laurie says:

    Wow!!! What an amazing place……. It would be a dream to live.Thank you 

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