New Photos from Katmai, Alaska!

New photos from this year’s Katmai Bear-stravaganza! This trip posed some new challenges to navigate, but this is why we work with the best in the business as far as our on-location support is concerned – and I think in the end it also inspired some new and unique images from a location I have made a point to visit every summer for the past 5-6 years.

The most notable thought that comes to mind in reflecting on these consecutive years visiting Katmai National Park is the familiarity I now have when I see individual bears as well as their families. I can recognize particular bears from previous visits both by their physical traits as well as the varied techniques they employ to hunt for fish. Some bears might even have a unique lumber to their walk or a discernible demeanor in how they react towards other bears as well as humans.

I’m starting to recognize physical traits in the young bears and can associate them with their mothers and other family members. One thing is for certain – these bears are reproducing, and there is a healthy population to be found here. This (with caution) bodes well for both their success as a species and our opportunities to photograph them in this remote, beautiful location.

I’ll be leading two more workshops in July and August of next year, and my associate Gavriel Jecan will also be heading up his own tour next summer – sign up now, as the multiple trips indicate – they sell out fast!


6 Responses to “New Photos from Katmai, Alaska!”

  1. Gary Leonard says:

    Beautiful shots. I wish you would give us the lens you used, and your settings? You must have used a 600mm or greater with an extender, or you were mighty close? Anyway, thanks for sharing. You do inspire us all.

  2. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Fabulous shots!

  4. Steve Miller says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting so many uniquely creative, powerfully photographed new perspectives of these wonderful creatures from your visit this year!

  5. Neil Powell says:

    I’m curious if you saw a cub with a foot that had looked to be broken and then healed? We saw him last year and I wondered about his prospects. Thanks and great stuff.

  6. E.M. Suanno says:

    OMG!… so many FABULOUS shots. I LOVE them! Thanks for sharing. Gonna tell my niece about your website and advise her to sign up. She’s become very interested in photography, but lives 700 miles away. I can think of no one better for her to learn from.

    Thanks. 😀

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