Where’s Art? Episode 7 – Shi Shi Beach, Washington State

In this edition of Where’s Art?, I’m in my home state of Washington, visting the Olympic National Park – specifically Shi Shi beach, located in the northwestern most corner of the contiguous United States, to capture the rocky and rugged coastline that can be found here. We shot at all hours of the day and into the night, as photographing the stars over the shoreline in this location so far removed from the bright lights of any major city for an upcoming book project was my primary goal here.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Where’s Art?, and stay tuned as I am currently in Greenland where we will record another episode very soon!

2 Responses to “Where’s Art? Episode 7 – Shi Shi Beach, Washington State”

  1. Jim Bracher says:

    Beautiful images; thanks for showing them.

  2. Valerie Rampone says:

    Gorgeous images! Your posts are always a treat. The thought of shooting at night is a bit of a downer at the moment as all I’d get is gray . . not a misty, foggy gray, but a smelly, smothering, smoky gray and the angst of wondering how close the wildfire is and pity for the animals and folks in the midst of it. The apartment building hallways where I live are even filled with smoke. Very weird to see/experience. I’m sure the architects never considered this scenario. I’m OK. I’ve covered the entrance door air crack with a rug. Good night!

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