Technique Tuesday & Print of the Month: Creating the Night Fishermen

Many people believe that great photographic images are composed in a flash of inspiration; an epiphany that presents itself fully-formed, ready to be mined by the artist there to capture it. This can and does happen, yet most of the time we fumbled towards a great shot, refining the composition with each exposure.

Such is the case with one of my favorite images, featured in this video. For Technique Tuesday, hear me pull back the layers of the many elements I navigated through to get the final shot.

This shot is available as a print in our online store, and on sale this month. Also be sure to check out more videos on my multimedia page!

2 Responses to “Technique Tuesday & Print of the Month: Creating the Night Fishermen”

  1. Steve Miller says:

    A truly great photograph! Design of the composition, lighting, subject, muted color, cultural elements—all work together, resulting in a mysterious, beautiful, inspiring picture story.

  2. Donnette Largay says:

    Thanks for your analysis of getting the photo.

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