New Photos from Katavi National Park, Tanzania

After witnessing the amazing percolating crater of Nyirangongo Volcano and Virunga’s mountain gorillas, we flew to one of Tanzania’s most remote and rarely visited parks, Katavi National Park. Here in the dry season the Katuma River slows to a trickle and becomes the only source of drinking water for miles around. Wildlife in unbelievable densities is forced to converge on the riverine pools. Already the most dangerous animals in East Africa, hippos erupt in territorial disputes and crocodiles lurk nearby in an uneasy truce. This is one of the few places I have been where so many huge, dangerous animals have been so concentrated. In the midst of it all, an annular eclipse occurred, which seemed a sideline to this gritty wildlife spectacle. To answer your question: the crocodile did manage to wriggle away to safety.


7 Responses to “New Photos from Katavi National Park, Tanzania”

  1. mark garbutt says:

    WOW, I have to get there. Great work Art.

  2. Dick Berry says:

    Fantastic images and will have to visit Katavi NP soon!

  3. Liam Doran says:

    Fantastic…thanks for sharing!

  4. As usual, what great images. I used to think that hippos were docile creatures, but I see they can hold their own against alligators (crocs?). I wonder how you managed to focus so clearly some of those shots in which you have a group of hippos and alligators (crocs?).

  5. Bill Cubitt says:

    Hello Art, I am planning a trip back to Africa in November 2017. My first trip was 30 years ago so finally I get to shoot digital photography in this awesome location. I have been watching your videos and looking forward to using those tips. Incorporating 2 species in one photo is powerful and zooming into textures and seeing patterns. The confrontation between the Hippos and Crocs looks intense. Thank you for posting these photos and the teaching that you do.

  6. Valerie Rampone says:

    Loved the eclipse shots. Powerful energy afoot . . as above so below.

  7. Arla says:

    #35 and 36 are AWESOME! I want to go there….

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