Katmai Olympics

The Summer Olympics open this evening in Rio, and as a world traveler fortunate enough to have been to so many incredible places all over the globe, it’s always incredible to see nations set aside differences and come together to compete.

As the week comes to a close and the Games begin, I’m grateful to bring you some wonderful images captured on our recent workshop in Katmai National Park, Alaska. 2016 has been an incredible year for shooting, with locations I’ve visited in the past providing me with unprecedented opportunities to capture them. The denizens Katmai must have felt the competitive vibe in the air, as the wildlife in the area was at it’s best.

The bears in the park were active, expressive, and down-right ready for the spotlight as our group captured them going about their business – their every day tasks mundane to them, but a spectacle to us. Enjoy the photos as we celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games and 100 years of the National Parks Service!

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    Fantastic images! I was lucky last month to be able to fly to KATMAI and view 3 Brown Bears fishing for salmon at Brooks Falls. I flew from Anchorage to Katmai on a RUST’S Airplane. It was 7/19/16.
    I took both still images and video. I only had a 300mm lense.

  2. Julia Difani says:

    I love the images! The first slide of the mama bear with her 3 cubs I just saw in my National Wildlife Federation 18 month 2017-18 calendar as a small photo on the November 2017 page; I fell in love with her and her cubs, all looking straight at the camera. The little guy on the left is particularly endearing, his/her eyes seem a little closer together, too adorable! I hope this image will become available as a print soon!! Thank you Mr. Wolfe!

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