In memory of Stuart Westmorland


Once again we are reminded of the impermanence of life. Stuart Westmorland was a Seattle-based photographer who came into the profession when I did; his specialty was underwater photography and I regarded him as the embodiment of the athletic photographer. He was a fixture of my photographer parties over the years and I was so pleased to be able to present him with the Art Wolfe / Best in Show Award at the 2010 International Conservation Photography Awards.

He may have lost his short battle with leukemia, but he won in life.

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  1. Denis says:

    A genuinely nice tribute to a friend.

  2. Robin Ball says:

    Nicely said Art…

  3. Pat O'Hara says:

    I first met Stu when he was dreaming about freelancing. Hard work and a creative spirit guided him to a successful career as an underwater photographer. He was gregarious and kind. Art is right about the impermanence of life. We have lost many leaders this past year.

    Pat O’Hara
    Mount Pleasant, Port Angeles

  4. Sal Ahmed says:

    God bless him. Great lost for our Seattle,and photography world. My condolences to all of his fellowship and family and friends.

  5. Jett McCabe says:


    So sorry to hear that you have lost a dear friend. Your tribute to him was lovely. May you find peace in having known him.


  6. Jennifer Westmorland says:

    Thank you for this, Art. He always spoke highly of you.

  7. Reuben Sapien says:

    Just learned the passing of Stu today, first met Stu at Bally’s in Lynnwood, around the Racketball sport. Enjoyed the “easy and comfortable” conversation with him. The ease of friendliness is my thought of Stu, may we all who have friends and are friends be thankful for the time and life we share,,God bless and keep showing the love…Reuben Sapien

  8. Robert Crowe says:

    I spent a week diving and shooting with Stu in Palau in 2015. Stu, Lynn Miner and I were practicing the art of Fluorescence Photography. We spent the most time on the Jake Plane creating awesome images. Stu taught me more about underwater photography and lighting than the previous five years of shooting. I am sad to hear this tragic news. Rest in peace, my brother.

  9. Raylene Swanger says:

    Sorry to hear of Stu’s passing. I had the privilege of being on a photo tour with Stu in Alaska. It was an amazing time and experience. Stu’s knowledge and ability to guide provided us with some amazing photos. We were in Alaska to photograph the Humpback whales. The Humpbacks were scarce. We came upon at least 2 Pods of Orcas. They were playing… it was the best opportunity for photos.To our surprise, all of a sudden an Orca shot up at of the water (breach) right in front of Stu and another photographer. We all saw it, it was beautiful. We hear Stu say “did anyone get that shot?” The worst yet, we all said “no” . I have never forgotten that trip. I learned a lot from Stu. May he R.I.P.
    I love seeing his photos on the post cards around Seattle and surrounding areas.

  10. Tim Novotny says:

    Very sad on Stuarts passing.
    I first met Stu in the Boeing employees dive club in the 1980’s and we became friends and dive partners over the years.
    He always gave me great advice on cameras and tropical dive destinations.
    Very big loss and we will all miss him.


  11. Tim Novotny says:

    Stu was a wonderful person and photographer- RIP

  12. Debbie Ericson says:

    Stu gave me two of his boat photographs around 1980 signed “Westy”. I remember his decision to step away from Boeing and take the risk to plunge into what He loved and what consumed his time, underwater photography. He became my photo mentor over the many years. In 2017 I became a yacht broker and published photographer of boats of all types. His Westy photographs grace my office. Stu was the most generous of heart and friendship. My hope is a book will be written with his extensive photo images to tribute someone who was a world treasure.

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