Aerial of braided rivers, IcelandWe have created a new webpage for the all-new Photography as Art Seminar.

“Photography as Art” is a groundbreaking new seminar created for individuals who want to spark their imagination and discover how to make artistic statements through photography. The all-day seminar encourages creative professionals to see and make art in exciting new ways. With art history as a reference point, participants explore avenues to maintain inspiration, foster their own personal style, and distinguish their photography from others.

I am debuting this presentation February 28th at Kenmore Camera just north of Seattle.

5 Responses to “New!”

  1. Art,
    Good luck with the new seminars.
    It will be a stunning addition to your already great series of lectures.

  2. Govind says:

    What lovely images that definitely qualify as art! Each image evokes a different emotion in me.

  3. Tom Debley, Oakland, Calif. says:

    I am looking forward to the Photography as Art Seminar. When we met by chance on the Naiad Explorer out of Port McNeill on Vancouver Island a couple of years ago, you asked what I liked to photograph. I told you, but said I was looking for a creative break though. You encouraged me, and I signed up for your creativity seminar. That helped me set a new direction. Then, at your Oregon Coast abstract workshop last year, you said, “I am going to mess with your minds and you will not be the same.” How right you were, and how happy I am. My work has been taking exciting new directions. I’m thrilled to be coming up from California again — this time for the new Photography as Art Seminar on Feb. 28!

  4. Tricia Barnhard says:

    I am hoping New England will be one of the areas you choose for a seminar location. Your photography is truly inspirational for this amateur.

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