Technique: Creating Abstract Images

I love to create abstract, painterly images. I often find my favorite ones in locations that most people might not even notice. This video was filmed on location in Eastern Idaho.

I also want to instill this passion in the participants of my workshops. I will be focusing on this specifically in my Oregon Coast Workshop next August. Join me and I will change the way you look at photography and the world around you!

4 Responses to “Technique: Creating Abstract Images”

  1. William M Kajdzik says:

    A workshop with Art definitely changes the way you look at photography and the world around you. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge gained and the experience of working with Art during a workshop with him.

  2. Kip Folker says:

    I whole heartedly agree. Paint on old vehicles is a great ready made start to many interesting photos, and they can be found almost anywhere.

  3. Gary says:

    I have really enjoyed your abstract work from your landscapes to your Human Canvas project. Because of these you inspired me to try and create my own abstract art and so I laid out some construction paper, set my shutter to 1.5 seconds and created several different movements to combine color and motion together. I think they just might make some good canvas or metal prints!

    Thanks for the inspiration to create!

  4. Dod Chahroudi says:

    Having enjoyed your aerial photography, along with others such as Bernhard Edmaier’s “Earthsong”, and having studied beautiful Landsat images in college, I’ve always enjoyed Nature’s abstract art. Not having access to an airplane, I’ve found other ways of abstracting nature. A favorite method is going out on a body of water in my canoe/kayak, finding varied and bright colors reflected (waiting for evenings smooth water and low, warm sunlight) then gently rocking the boat from multiple angles to make complex wave patterns that swirl the reflected colors into beautiful abstracts that will amaze you and confound others as to how they were made.

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