David Slater and the Monkey “Selfie”

David Slater is currently embroiled in an argument with Wikimedia over the now famous ‘monkey selfie’ images.

Like other conservation photographers at the iLCP, I support David Slater’s copyright to the now famous ‘selfies’ of the critically endangered crested black macaque.

Read the iLCP press release and learn more about David Slater & help support Sulawesi Crested Macaque Conservation.

One Response to “David Slater and the Monkey “Selfie””

  1. David J Slater says:

    Thank you so very much Art. The free canvas offer ended and I have just donated all the proceeds and some of my own money to the Selamatkanyaki crested black macaque conservation programme (February 2015). Thanks for your help in spreading this news and let’s hope these truly remarkable monkeys can continue to prosper, smile, and teach humanity a thing about how special it is to be alive right this moment. It makes me smile too.

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