Papua New Guinea: Behind the Scenes & Sepik Totems

I was able to upload the rest of the images from the Sepik before hopping on the airplane to head home.

Traveling up the Sepik River has definitely been a greater challenge than the earlier part of the trip. However, struggle is not without its rewards. References to freshwater crocodiles are in evidence everywhere you look in Sepik tribal culture. The Sepik tribes revere the freshwater crocs since they are the only big, bad thing in their environment (other than the clouds of bloodsucking mosquitoes). They mimic the scales in their corporeal scarification and their houses are made of layered leaves to look like croc scales. Sacred totems and elaborate carvings also colorfully incorporate the crocodile.

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  1. tyler pearson says:

    hi i was wondering about totems in sepik culture and what are the totems?

    thank you have a great day today!

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