Staff Success: Amanda Harryman

A Dose For Dominic – Doc Challenge – March 4, 2013 from George Watt on Vimeo.

When one of my staff members Amanda Harryman took a couple of days off in March, she said it was to make a documentary. I assumed that meant she was filming for a project. But low and behold, her team actually made a whole documentary called A Dose for Dominic! Apparently, each year, a bunch of crazy documentarians from around the world willingly lose a lot of sleep to create films in 5 days.

Those of you who watch my online videos have seen her talents in the edit studio, so you won’t be surprised to hear that the film made the finals. Of nearly 100 films submitted, 12 have been selected as finalists. Having already been awarded with “Best Use of Theme”, they are now vying for an Audience Award. You can vote for your three favorite films on the Doc Challenge site—these are a really amazing group of 12 short documentaries, all made in an extended weekend.

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