On Location: Brazil’s Pantanal II

BLOG: Buraco das Araras – Images by Art Wolfe

Our fantastic trip is drawing to a close, ending at the Buraco das Araras or the “Hole of the Macaws.”

4 Responses to “On Location: Brazil’s Pantanal II”

  1. Art, what lenses did you bring with you? Were the macaws handheld? Flash on some shots?

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      Most of the flying birds were shot with a 500mm f/4L lens on a tripod with a Wimberley head. I pushed my ISO to 1000 and got tack sharp images with no degradation. No flash was used. I did use my 70-200mm lens also on a number of closer subjects.

  2. Art, any personal security considerations when traveling to the Pantanel? Do you need any special or unique access approvals to go there on a photography focused trip? Thanks.

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