BLOG: Luangwa Valley, Zambia – Images by Art Wolfe

I am so excited to be on this trip! The wildlife viewing in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley is tremendous. We saw giraffe and baboon, as well as the colorful bee-eaters which make their nests in cliffsides. The leopard we saw had killed a big female impala and the ungulate was too big for the cat to stow in a tree. So instead, she buried it, which is highly unusual.

Later in the day we came upon a lioness with a wire snare embedded in her neck. Luckily we were able to call the local lion research team who responded quickly because they happened to be in a nearby part of the park. We waited with the lion until they arrived. They then darted the snared female and we helped with the processing of data and removal of snare. I got to be right in the middle of the action and hit these shots as things got a little tense as the lioness’ temperature spiked. We took all the ice from our cooler box and pushed it against her back to keep her temperature from getting critical–I shot this moment from above.

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  1. Maureen Elliott says:

    Fantastic! Glad you were able to assist in the snare removal on that beautiful creature. Not everyone gets to be so up close and personal with a lion in the wild!

  2. This is so awesome! I am heading across the pond to Jo’burg tomorrow, and Zambia shortly thereafter. First time to Africa for me, and I plan to visit at least South Luangwa, also Kafue. I am not certain whether North Luangwa would be worth the extra logistics, but I am so excited and your preceding me is just amping me up more. I also will go to Namibia. A part of South AFrica too. So keep it coming. I’ll try not to ask for specific recommendations, but if you volunteer specific awesome locations, realize there is a photographer nearby who needs to fill their 2+ months in southern Africa somehow!

  3. Rona Zevin says:

    Wow Art, fabulous as always and shows you still have the animal karma. I’m heading to southern Africa next week and your photos are just getting me more excited. Its a tour tour, not a photo tour, but I’ll be shooting whenever I can. Off now to meet with Libby to try and get the newsletter off the ground before I leave.

  4. Meg Webster says:

    amazing. zambia photos. beloved beast. spots. My dog and I once removed a wire from a feral dog out near Kennedy airport by setting up some place for them to come and using dog’s communicative abilities i could go in and clip the wire. It was magic. Great love to you and your crew. xo

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