The Palouse PODAS Workshop

BLOG: PODAS Palouse Workshop August 2011 – Images by Art Wolfe

I just finished a workshop with PODAS (PhaseOne Digital Artists Series). Washington’s wheat growing belt, the Palouse, is a dynamic landscape shaped by both nature and man. Up early and late to bed make for a tired but satisfied photographer. This landscape holds so much drama as the light changes. Fun to meet everyone and hang out with friends Michael, Jeff, Mark, Kevin and Murray. What a great program.

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4 Responses to “The Palouse PODAS Workshop”

  1. Madge says:

    Sounds like this workshop provided a wonderfully creative time in one of my favorite places in WA. I spend Spring Break almost yearly in Colfax, traveling the back roads, finding the treasures of the Palouse around every bend.

  2. Wayne Nelson says:

    This is such a graphically intense location. The way Art has caught the rhythm and flow is amazing but expected.

  3. Dean Forbes says:

    Beautiful images Art! I was there with a friend earlier in the month but we didn’t get the clouds and storms that you experienced. Some of the images look like aerials – did you shoot from a plane during this trip?

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