On Location: OREGON Part2

BLOG: On Location in Oregon #2 – Images by Art Wolfe

Our trip in Oregon is drawing to an all too soon end. It’s been great just going with the flow…everything from a fire department doing a controlled burn on a derelict mobile home to surfers and their dogs on the beach. Back to Seattle tomorrow.

7 Responses to “On Location: OREGON Part2”

  1. Love the Painted Hills shots. Now I gotta go back. Question: did you start that fire so you could get those shots? I’m not saying that you did but, well…

  2. Alouise says:

    I absolutely love your photos!

  3. Art, you have such an excellent eye for form and color. What great fun to just wander and make images of what you come across. It is always a pleasure for us to see the result.

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      Thanks David. I just can’t help myself. Everywhere there are great images. I have a wonderful back yard to do my wandering. Washington and Oregon are very relaxing. I know this area of the world so well, yet it always holds great surprises for me.

  4. john herkner says:

    I travel throughout Oregon for my job. Lost of opportunities to photograph. Where are your top 3-4 spots to photograph wildlife/landscapes?

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      I couldn’t make it everywhere during my brief swing through Oregon. We travelled over 2100 miles and went from East to West. Desert to Ocean, ghost towns to Cape Kiwanda.
      Favorite spots, Hmmm. I love the eastern side of the mountains. Steens Mountain or Blue Mountains, and John Day Fossil Beds. Then there is the Columbia Gorge and many falls along the way as well as grand vistas. Crater Lake is a favorite I didn’t get to this trip. Also, many rivers and mountains in Southern Oregon. Finally the Willamette valley and the Oregon Coast. Oregon, like Washington, has so many varied landscapes and so much beauty. I’d say just get your gear and head out. You’re sure to find something great.

      I would love to hear from other readers what are their favorite places to go in Oregon.

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