Olympic Workshop Day 1

BLOG: Olympic Workshop April 2011 Day 1 – Images by Art Wolfe

Yesterday I arrived on the Olympic Peninsula to prepare for my workshop this weekend. Jay Goodrich, Gavriel Jecan, and I headed up to the top of Hurricane Ridge on a scouting mission to see if this would be a good location to bring students to in the coming days. I did find some remarkable subjects, but also found the deepest snowpack that I have ever seen in my 40 years of photographing in this region. There was a ton of rockfall, huge avalanche run-outs, and below freezing temperatures as we approached closer and closer to the summit. I decided that this wouldn’t be the greatest location to bring a group of 25, but was rewarded with a great photo session of a raven.

Today we will be heading to the Sol Duc and then tomorrow to the Hoh Rain Forest and the coast for sunset. More coming soon.

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2011!

3 Responses to “Olympic Workshop Day 1”

  1. Victoria says:

    Question for you Art. On your raven shots, were you using auto-focus or manual? The raven is so beautifully sharp, and it looks like a very shallow depth of field.

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      The raven shots were shot using the auto-focus. The birds move quickly and the lens adjusts perfectly. Thanks!

  2. Wayne Nelson says:

    Great shots as always!! It is been 18 years since I have worked this (your) part of the country and I sure miss it. Your participants will have the time of their lives. I would think working Hoh with you would be special. A beautiful place with many landscape challenges.

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