Art Wolfe Seminar in Germany, November 6

If you’re in Germany, join Art at WunderWelten in Friedshafen.  WunderWelten is THE nature and photography festival that should not be missed and it will be Art’s only European venue this year.

On November 6, Art will be giving a four-hour seminar The Art of Nature Photography as well as his presentation “Between Heaven & Earth” later in the day.

For full details, please visit or email

2 Responses to “Art Wolfe Seminar in Germany, November 6”

  1. Hello Art,

    thanks again for that really inspiring and at the same time entertaining seminar at Lake Constance. As I said in Friedrichshafen we have bought once a Tiger head shot of yours from Getty. It was very successful campaign.
    Thanks again. We hope to have you here in Germany again sometime. Or maybe for a workshop trip in Europe…?
    With best regards from Germany
    Norbert Kraas

  2. Dear Art Wolfe,
    it was great having you here in Germany!
    What an inspiration for me!
    There is also a blog I did recently:

    Nice to meet you, Werner

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