Where do you want to go with Art? Part Deux – YOUR OPINION matters!

It is a busy day here at the headquarters of Art Wolfe Inc. There is a big meeting going to happen this evening. In that meeting there will be discussions. BIG discussions. YOUR OPINION will matter. Help us decide where to take you, the friends and fans of Art Wolfe, next year.

The votes are coming in fast on Facebook, Twitter, and here on the blog, it seems that everyone wants to travel to northern lands!  Iceland, Canada & Alaska are the top three destinations so far…

Vote early, vote often! Your votes will help us decide. You can see where other people have suggested by visiting our post from yesterday.

7 Responses to “Where do you want to go with Art? Part Deux – YOUR OPINION matters!”

  1. Last minute idea: Easter Island, plus somewhere in Chile (your choice).

  2. Matt Crabtree says:

    Africa for the great migration or Alaska for the aurora borealis

  3. clytie says:

    Definitely the Pacific Northwest – preferably the coasts of Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

  4. Chris Marsh says:

    Dempster Highway Yukon and Northwest Territories, Canada for the sheer majesty of the land, the colours, expansive skies, clear water and abundant wildlife.

  5. keith merritt says:

    I would like to see Art go to southeast asia. There are very few well made films on Vietnam in particular !!!

  6. I would love to see Art shoot in Maine.Rangeley Lake and or Baxter St Park in the fall would be two great locations.

  7. Would love to go to the southwest (slot canyons, Utah, etc), as seen in the show. Iceland would also be a good choice

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