Pakistan Needs Our Help

I have travelled in the Pakistan’s mountainous regions which have been hit very hard by the unprecedented flooding.  These trips were among the most fascinating and rewarding of my life—wherever I went, I was warmly greeted and received by the Balti peoples.  Life has always been exceptionally difficult for these people, and their struggle for survival has become that much worse.

It is important that people put their religious & political ideologies aside and do what is right.  We have so much.  Please donate to your favorite charity sending aid to Pakistan.

Unicef’s website

The Red Cross’s website

BLOG: Pakistan Needs Our Help – Images by Art Wolfe

2 Responses to “Pakistan Needs Our Help”

  1. Russ Bishop says:

    Thank you Art for using your tallents to promote cultural understanding. We support Greg Mortenson and Central Asia Institute as well whose influence in this area has done more for world peace than all our military might.

  2. Moazzam says:

    Thanks Art, for sending out this message to the world community, I used to read your articles since late 90s early 2000s and I remember at that time you used the Nikon gear. Your photos in the message remind me of those old days.

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