New! More iPhone photos from Asia

Vietnam: Hanoi iPhone – Images by Art Wolfe

3 Responses to “New! More iPhone photos from Asia”

  1. Tweet 4 All says:

    iPhone photos from Hanoi Vietnam by photographer Art Wolfe | blog …: Legendary nature and cultural photographer …

  2. Jon Holtz says:

    Art, Just curious if you are carrying your Canon and the iphone at the same time. How do you decide which one to use?
    Thanks for all the updates!

    • Avatar photo Jay Goodrich says:

      Hi Jon,

      Art is carrying both with him on his trip. He has specific locations and subjects that he wants to cover at each location, for these he will use his Canon. Whenever he is in between or looking for a great location, he will travel light with his iPhone.


      Jay G.

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