Art Wolfe, the Sheraton, and Camera Confidence

We have partnered with the Sheraton in Seattle to hold short classes on digital camera basics throughout the summer. Thousands of tourists set to explore the area or board cruise ships stay at the Sheraton every week. We will hold the classes up to four days a week.

John Greengo, a member of the Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge crew, is conducting the classes dubbed Camera Confidence. John is a talented photographer in his own right as well as an engaging speaker. He will devote some time to unraveling the mysteries of individual cameras attendees bring to the class. The classes cost $69 for an hour and a half session, with discounts available for Sheraton guests.

To register for Camera Confidence, go to:

3 Responses to “Art Wolfe, the Sheraton, and Camera Confidence”

  1. Art Wolfe says:

    Art Wolfe, the Sheraton, and Camera Confidence: We have partnered with the Sheraton in Seattle to hold short cla..

  2. Ann Peavey says:

    Photog-wannabe? New offering from Art Wolfe (w/ John Greengo) offers a lifetime of inspiration: (I tried & loved it!)

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